Buffalo Bills: Top 5 boom-or-bust players for 2023

James Cook, Buffalo Bills
James Cook, Buffalo Bills / Joshua Bessex/GettyImages
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Ed Oliver

Since the Buffalo Bills drafted Ed Oliver in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft, he has been the definition of boom-or-bust. He would have games, like his rookie season against the Dallas Cowboys where he had two sacks and a forced fumble or against the Lions this past season where he had a sack, forced fumble, and safety, that made him look like he was unblockable.

However, he will also have stretches where he would seemingly disappear for multiple games in a row and not make much of an impact.

This season, Oliver is entering the final year of his rookie contract and has the chance to have a breakout season. If he is able to be consistent week in and week out, he would be in line for a big contract in free agency.

However, if the past four seasons have been any kind of indication, then the Bills will have to deal with the up and down performance through the 2023 season.