Buffalo Bills: Terrel Bernard is having his breakout season in 2023

Buffalo Bills linebacker Terrel Bernard is putting up big time numbers that are getting himself noticed in his first season as a starter.
Buffalo Bills v Philadelphia Eagles
Buffalo Bills v Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

Terrel Bernard is the Buffalo Bills' third round pick from Baylor in the 2022 NFL Draft. In his second 2023 season, he has gone above and beyond all expectations needed of him as a linebacker.

This season, Bernard has 117 total tackles (leads ) and 3 interceptions to go with his breakout year (also leads Buffalo). With 3.5 sacks and 9.5 stuffs on the season, he has been the ultimate game-changer for the Bills defensively and his efforts have really shaped him into the best defensive player.

Bernard is also Top 20 in the National Football League in both total tackles and interceptions out of all defensive players.

What has given him the opprotunity to be as impactful as he has this season is the middle linebacker position. This puts him in situations of run stopping, blitzes, and even pass coverage which has lead to the stats building up across all defensive categories.

His efforts have drawn the Bills towards being in the top half of the NFL in most defensive rankings as well. This includes both passing and rushing defense reflecting Beranrd's ability to help with both sides of the offensive opponents Buffalo faces.

Simply put when you have a guy who can make plays like Bernard put in the middle of the defense, he will produce like he has this season. The middle linebacker should very well be on his way to a Pro Bowl appearance and other All-Pro nominations.

The Bills have two road games in the final three games of the season and if Miami holds on to win the division. Buffalo will have to play a wild card game on the road. Bernard will need to bring the good defense he has had all season in order to help the Bills survive and advance through some of these road games.

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