6 Buffalo Bills who deserve to be in the 2024 Pro Bowl

Buffalo Bills v Washington Commanders
Buffalo Bills v Washington Commanders / G Fiume/GettyImages
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The voting for the 2024 Pro Bowl opened this week and while the Buffalo Bills haven't had as much success as a team, there have been some pretty impressive performances to this point from some players.

Last season, the Bills had seven players named to the Pro Bowl and this year they have close to the same number of players who deserve a nomination.

These are six players on the Buffalo Bills that have played at a Pro Bowl level in 2023.

Josh Allen

The obvious one here is Josh Allen, who is coming off a game against the Eagles with over 400 total yards and four touchdowns (two passing, two rushing). The Bills quarterback has been criticized for the turnovers and he does lead the league in interceptions with 13.

However, he does so much good that it is easy to look past the turnovers as he ranks sixth in passing yards per game (267.8 yards), seventh in completion percentage (68.1%), first in passing touchdowns (24) and when adding in the rushing touchdowns (9) there isn't another player who is even close in terms of touchdowns this season.

If Josh Allen were nominated to the Pro Bowl, it would be his third career nomination and second straight.