Buffalo Bills should make switch at offensive coordinator before Week 10

New York Giants v Buffalo Bills
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Buffalo Bills offense gets away from what works

However, the offense came to a screeching halt after that drive as they had three drives that resulted in only 11 plays. During that stretch, the Bills called run plays on three of their four first downs and would put them behind in down and distance.

Over the past five games, the Bills offense has looked like a team that has had to fight for every yard and for a group as talented as they are, this shouldn't be the case. The Bengals seemed to move the ball effortlessly and the talent in that group is not that much greater than Buffalo.

On Sunday night, it was a perfect example of what type of impact a good play-caller (Zac Taylor) can have on an offense instead of an inexperienced one (Ken Dorsey). In the opening drive, Dalton Kincaid and Stefon Diggs had five of Allen's six pass attempts thrown their way.

On the next three drives, these two had zero targets and it wasn't until the final drive of the first half that Kincaid was involved once again. It shouldn't be a surprise that the offense was once again moving the ball.