Buffalo Bills suffer further fall from grace in latest AFC rankings

Buffalo Bills
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10. Cincinnati Bengals (3 - 3)

The Cincinnati Bengals were on a bye this week but have won three of their last four and gotten right back into the thick of the AFC race. Joe Burrow is playing better and seems back to his old self, plus Tee Higgins is getting healthy too. Despite the three wins, they still sit in fourth place in the AFC North.

9. Indianapolis Colts (3 - 4)

It's unfortunate for the Indianapolis Colts that they lost rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson but now the team must rely on Gardner Minshew going forward. Jonathan Taylor returned though and is getting back to form, so that should help the team win some games. They are far from out of it too but will need to try to keep pace with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

8. Buffalo Bills (4- 3)

I certainly never would have guessed we'd be sitting here listing the Buffalo Bills out of the top five in the AFC but that's the current world we live in. After struggling for three straight games and multiple injuries on the defensive side, the Bills need to find some answers and could be major players at the trade deadline. Yet despite all this, they are only a game behind the Miami Dolphins in the AFC East.