Buffalo Bills: Stefon Diggs' sends series of cryptic tweets

Buffalo Bills, Stefon Diggs
Buffalo Bills, Stefon Diggs / David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Here we go again with some serious speculation.

The Buffalo Bills saw their postseason end early at the hands of the Cincinnati Bengals, and wide receiver Stefon Diggs' antics were a big storyline coming out of that game. Diggs was visibly frustrated on the sideline, screaming and yelling, specifically toward quarterback Josh Allen.

While Allen has dismissed the issue already, giving us all reassurance that things are fine between the two of them, the wide receiver's actions have given Bills fans reason to pause at times.

Diggs has taken to social media in the past, and often can make us wonder just whate exactly is going on in that head of his. This time, he took to Twitter again with a series of tweets that seem a little cryptic.

The series of tweets could be in reference to Diggs missing Bills OTA practices

As the league has started conducting its OTA practices, every team is now in the thick of their offseason program, including the Bills. The majority of players have been present for Buffalo, including Allen.

However, one particular player isn't there: Diggs.

“We’d love to have him here. (But) I understand OTAs aren’t for everybody ...'' Allen said.

Granted, this portion is voluntary, and Diggs does not have to show up. It is his right, and he is allowed to exercise that right. But, Diggs is also looked at as a leader of this team, and it is difficult to lead when he isn't there to do so in person.

I believe Allen is trying his best to give Diggs the benefit of the doubt and keep the subject matter at bay, the best he can. Still, one has to wonder what these tweets are in reference to.

Is Diggs hearing the outside criticism regarding his absence and reacting to it? That's the likely explanation, but no one knows for sure.

It sure would be a whole lot easier and cleaner, for everyone involved, if Diggs would simply show up and practice with his teammates. But, again, that is his prerogative.

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