Buffalo Bills: What did Stefon Diggs' 'lying' Instagram story mean?

Buffalo Bills, Stefon Diggs
Buffalo Bills, Stefon Diggs / Bryan M. Bennett/GettyImages

This week was an emotional rollercoaster for the Buffalo Bills, and one that the fans and media, and heck, even head coach Sean McDermott, weren't all entirely ready for.

When the short week of minicamp practices began with All Pro wide receiver Stefon Diggs being absent from the field, everybody started to wonder. Even McDermott noted that he was "very concerned" with Diggs' absence, which in turn spun everyone into somewhat of a panic.

The issue as to why Diggs was absent is still unknown, but NBC Sports' Mike Florio recently questioned it even further.

"Although we’ve been led to believe Diggs stormed out, it’s possible that someone told Diggs to go," Florio wrote.

Rumor has it that Diggs was in the building the day before that initial practice, and working out, so he had to leave altogether and refuse to practice that first morning. Why would he have stormed out? Did he actually storm out? Or, were those rumors just a bunch of lies.

Stefon Diggs' Instagram story hinted that someone was lying earlier this week

The day Diggs was absent from camp, he posted to his Instagram later that afternoon. The post read:

"I just be letting people cap. If them lies help you sleep better tell em big dawg.”

Maybe, this wasn't too big of a deal after all. Maybe, Diggs was right; people are lying. After all, we live in an age where headlines and clicks are all the rage. Diggs might have left the building, but maybe he wasn't forced to do so.

Maybe, just maybe, he was, in fact, dealing with a personal issue. Maybe, the words spoken by Josh Allen were true: this wasn't a football issue.

Do we really have reason to doubt Josh Allen, knowing he has a great relationship with his wide receiver, even though they have dealt with their share of adversity and disagreement? Why would Allen lie about a personal issue in regards to Diggs? That wouldn't make sense.

From what we know, Allen is a stand-up guy and defends his brothers on that team. There is no reason Allen would lie.

In the end, that Instagram story could be Diggs' frustration being let out in the way he knows how to express it. Maybe he was sick of all the rumors and false information being spread, and that no one truly knew what went on that day he left.

Regardless, the issue appears to be resolved and Diggs is back with the team.

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