Buffalo Bills News: Sean McDermott defends usage of word 'concerned'

Buffalo Bills, Sean McDermott, Stefon Diggs
Buffalo Bills, Sean McDermott, Stefon Diggs / Nic Antaya/GettyImages

Earlier this week, the news was dominated by Buffalo Bills minicamp, and not for positive reasons.

3-time Pro Bowl wide receiver Stefon Diggs was absent from the first minicamp practice in Orchard Park, and panic didn't set in right away, at least. But, it didn't take long for fans and the media to start getting anxious.

Head coach Sean McDermott spoke to the media that day said that he was "very concerned" about not having Diggs in the building.

As soon as McDermott's voice spoke those words, Bills Mafia went into a full-on panic. That's all it took. If the head coach is concerned, that's typically a good rule to follow: you're also concerned.

But, just a day later, Diggs was in the building and on the field for practice. All was well, or as far as we know it was. With Diggs back on the field practicing, fans could rest easy.

Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott defended his usage of the word 'concerned'

After the dust settled and Bills minicamp concluded, McDermott was asked about the whirlwind of events surrounding Diggs this week. He was also questioned as to why he used wording like "very concerned" when Diggs initially missed practice.

"Whenever a player has something going on or misses for some reason, I am concerned," McDermott said, via Sports Illustrated. "That's my sentiment with any player, in particular a player as important to us as Stef. And so I get concerned when players miss for reasons off the field for reasons on the field, whether it be their injured or whatever it is.

"That's just how I am. So when I say very concerned, I'm very concerned because of the situation with one of our players and it was something that we needed to work through."

It makes sense for McDermott to defend his word choice. For us fans and the media, of course we're going to think worst-case scenario. That's what we do best, especially because we're not involved, nor are we in the building holding conversations with these guys.

McDermott was also asked if the situation was resolved and responded by saying, "I feel like it's resolved."

So, that's also good news. Hopefully, this is all behind the team and Diggs, and they can all move forward with pursuing a Super Bowl trophy this coming season.

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