Buffalo Bills: Stefon Diggs, DeAndre Hopkins would create elite, unselfish duo

It seems as though this would be a match made in heaven for the Bills...
Buffalo Bills, DeAndre Hopkins
Buffalo Bills, DeAndre Hopkins / Michael Chow/The Republic / USA TODAY

Two of the biggest names associated with Buffalo Bills news and rumors over the past several weeks have included a current Bill and one player not yet in Buffalo.

Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs has dominated some recent headlines, of course, while free agent wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins has long been connected with Buffalo as his next destination.

Diggs was recently in headlines after he skipped the first mandatory minicamp practice last week, and the reasoning behind his absence is still unknown. However, a recent report suggests that Diggs was upset over the BIlls not landing Hopkins following a restructure of his contract.

If that's true, then many of the rumors regarding Diggs being upset over his involvement with the offense and any "selfish" type labels should be put to rest. Assuming Diggs strongly desired Hopkins in Buffalo, that would be the furthest thing from a selfish ask from the Bills wideout.

Not only would that make Diggs an unselfish teammate, but joining him would be another fellow unselfish veteran in Hopkins, who recently posted a tweet directed toward his next wide receiver group.

The Buffalo Bills would have two elite, unselfish wide receivers if they added DeAndre Hopkins next to Stefon Diggs

Diggs and Hopkins have both been vocal in the past about their desire to be targeted within various offenses, and that is completely normal. Every elite wide receiver has an ego. None of them come without it. That's just how it is.

But, there is a difference between wanting the football and also wanting to win at the same time. Being able to trust another former All Pro next to you is much different than just an average group of teammates.

Knowing you have another guy across from you who can go up and get just about any ball thrown their way, like yourself, has to be one of the best feelings as a top-tier wide receiver. It goes beyond wanting to "get yours," and translates into "let's get ours and go win."

The Bills would still have plenty of work to do to try and get to a point where they can sign Hopkins, but as we all know, the cap can certainly be made out to be a myth. Just ask the Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Rams of the last few years. It can be done.

So, go get it done, Mr. Beane.

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