Buffalo Bills Rumors: Stefon Diggs frustrated with not landing DeAndre Hopkins

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs might be upset with the team not landing another top-tier weapon
Buffalo Bills, Stefon Diggs
Buffalo Bills, Stefon Diggs / Joshua Bessex/GettyImages

Last week, the Buffalo Bills were without star wide receiver Stefon Diggs for the start of their mandatory minicamp, which then caused plenty of questions and drama in the coming 24 hours.

Diggs was reportedly in the building at the beginning of the week but then left before the start of the team's first practice. The reason why Diggs wasn't present for said practice still hasn't come to light, although there has been plenty of speculation around the issue.

Quarterback Josh Allen noted that they were working through non-football issues and he reiterated his confidence in Diggs. Meanwhile, head coach Sean McDermott was "concerned" with Diggs' absence.

One report stated that Diggs was still unhappy with his role in the offense and play-calling. But, now, a new report from The Carton Show's Craig Carton gives a totally different, and somewhat surprising reason, as to why Diggs has been frustrated.

Stefon Diggs was reportedly upset that the Buffalo Bills didn't land DeAndre Hopkins following his contract restructure

"He suggested, 'I'm willing to restructure my contract, you go get DeAndre Hopkins, who is available," Carton said on the air.

Hopkins is still a free agent and has met with teams like the Tennessee Titans and New England Patriots, but a deal is far from imminent. Teams like the Bills, Kansas City Chiefs and even the New York Jets were all atop some of the betting favorites to land Hopkins, but his asking price is causing issues.

Hopkins reportedly wants to get paid around the same annual average that Odell Beckham Jr. received from the Ravens thif offseason, and the Bills just don't have that kind of money.

In any event, Diggs was looking for the Bills to make that move and alleviate some of the pressure on his shoulders, thus giving him less double teams every Sunday.

Should this be a viable reason as to why Diggs skipped out on that practice? Or, are we just now accepting any and all possible reasonings behind the act since no one really seems to know?

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