5 free agents the Buffalo Bills could sign after Matt Milano's injury

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Christian Kirksey

The one player that makes the most sense and is one that could be signed tomorrow and theoretically be starting next Sunday against the New York Giants is Christian Kirksey. The Bills signed Kirksey shortly after he was released by the Houston Texans before the 2023 season and seemed like a potential option to start at middle linebacker when the team had questions at that spot.

However, his time with the Bills was short-lived and this is where the questions start to come into play about whether or not this is even an option. In September, Kirksey informed the team that he was intending to retire and the Bills would sign A.J. Klein as his replacement.

The question is whether or not he officially filled out the paperwork to retire. If he didn't, the Buffalo Bills should look to bring him back and Kirksey should want to return. He was a starter for a long time in the NFL and when Terrel Bernard got off to a fast start, it was unlikely Kirksey had a chance to be a starter with the Bills.

Now with Milano out for the year, there is a good chance that Christian Kirksey could be a good replacement. If Christian Kirksey wants to return and the Bills are able to re-sign him, this makes perfect sense.