Bills Rumors: It might be time to replace Sean McDermott with one of these coaches

Would the Bills make a bold move if the season continues down this road?
Buffalo Bills, Sean McDermott
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4. Jim Schwartz, Defensive Coordinator, Cleveland Browns

At first glance, Bills fans might not want to hear the name Jim Schwartz mentioned within a potential head caoching gig in Buffalo. After all, his five years experience coaching the Detroit Lions ended with a record of 29-51 and he hasn't received a head coach opportunity since.

But, over the last decade, Schwartz has been one of the best defensive minds in football. If the Bills wanted to stick with a defensive-minded head coach and someone who will bring toughness to the team, then Schwartz would be a great fit.

This season, Schwartz has led the Browns to the league's leading defense in terms of yards per game allowed. Cleveland is also seventh-best in points allowed per game. Their defensive line is menacing and physical, and that's the type of football we want to see from the Bills. This might even be a great fit, considering the Bills currently have a good defensive unit, coming in at no. 11 in yards allowed.

Schwartz would of course hire a coordinator to continue working with Josh Allen and getting the most out of the offense. That would be the most intriguing part of this process in hiring someone like Schwartz. Who does he bring in as his offensive coordinator? Regardless, Schwartz has the experience and leadership skills necessary to get another crack at a job like this.