Bills should throw caution to the wind with these Davante Adams trades

Why not make the rich even richer?
Buffalo Bills, Davante Adams
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Trade Number 2: The Bills send over Gabe Davis in a deal for Davante Adams

If the Raiders wanted more than just a fifth-round pick in addition to the first rounder, Buffalo could part with wide receiver Gabe Davis. In the final year of his rookie deal, Davis has been subject of plenty of speculation as to whether or not he is in the future plans here in Buffalo.

Davis has explosive traits and is good for some huge games here and there, but the consistency just hasn't been there on a weekly basis. Plus, throw in the fact that the Bills are looking to pair Stefon Diggs with Adams, and Davis becomes an afterthought at best.

Adams trade 2

The Raiders would take a shot on Davis and see what they have in him for the remainder of the season. Maybe, they are able to work out a long-term deal rather than allowing him to leave for another team in free agency.

So far this season, Davis is averaging a career-best 18.3 yards per reception and is pacing for 12 touchdowns on the year, which would also be good for a career-high. The 24-year-old will likely be a hot name on the free agent market next year, as teams have seen what he's capable of doing when he's locked in.