5 wide receivers Buffalo Bills could trade for before 2023 trade deadline

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Kendrick Bourne

The next wide receiver is one that the Buffalo Bills will actually be trying to defend this weekend in Kendrick Bourne. Unlike the other wide receivers on this list, Bourne has actually been a big part of the Patriots offense.

He is currently leading the team in targets (44), receptions (28), receiving yards (307), and tied for the team lead in receiving touchdowns (2). Bourne has been able to create a lot of yards after catch with almost half of his receiving yards coming after the reception (144).

Similar to Renfrow, the addition of Kendrick Bourne would be a great fit for this offense and he addresses a lot of the needs this offense currently has. However, there are plenty of hurdles to complete a deal starting with whether or not the Patriots want to be sellers.

This would be pretty uncharted territory for Bill Belichick and he doesn't want to admit that he won't be able to compete this year. In addition, this would be a trade within the division which is not impossible but is not common.