Buffalo Bills rebound in Week 3 AFC power rankings

Buffalo Bills
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4. Buffalo Bills (1 - 1)

The Buffalo Bills dominated the Las Vegas Raiders, to the tune of 38 - 10. Probably the most impressive part of the Bills win was the performance of the offensive line. Maxx Crosby was held without a sack and the Raiders as a team couldn't get to Josh Allen, who completed 31 of 37 pass attempts, with three touchdowns. If the Bills' offensive line can consistently play at this level week in and week out, they will climb the rankings. Also, the Bills are the only team in the NFL whose offense and defense are ranked in the top five.

3. Baltimore Ravens (2 - 0)

I predicted before the start of the season that the Baltimore Ravens would win the AFC North over the Bengals. So far, my projection is spot on but it's a long season and a ton of football still to play. Regardless, at this point in the season, the Ravens are the class of the division and already have a huge win over their division rival, the Bengals.

2. Kansas City Chiefs (1 - 1)

I'm starting to get a little concerned about the Chiefs offense but as soon as you start to question the Chiefs in any aspect, they show you why you shouldn't be questioning them. Let's see how the next two or three games pan out but so far through two games, they've only scored a total of 37 points. I'm also unsure how good the Jaguars will be, as they haven't been that impressive either, so to only put up 17 points, might be a bit concerning.

1. Miami Dolphins (2 - 0)

As much as it pains me, here we are. The Miami Dolphins sit atop my AFC rankings. They are one of only two teams that have yet to lose and their two wins were against the Los Angeles Chargers and New England Patriots. While the Patriots might be winless, they have played well and the Chargers can put up some points. That said, I'm not so sure the Dolphins defense is that good. They are ranked 24th in the NFL but with only two games, it's hard to put too much weight on those numbers. For now, the Dolphins are the top team in the AFC.

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