Buffalo Bills: Ranking the 5 best running backs on 2023 schedule

The Buffalo Bills defense will have their work cut out for them when they face these five running backs.

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills
AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills / Bryan M. Bennett/GettyImages
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As the Buffalo Bills have improved in overall talent on their roster, it’s the same story with the teams that they will face in 2023. As the shift of the NFL has transitioned to a passing league, teams still need a run game to help set up the pass.

As far as the Bills offense, they have become a pass-first team with Josh Allen. However, they have not been able to build up a consistent run game unless it involves Allen. With the way the league has formed the last few seasons, teams do not need a star running back to make a Super Bowl run. Sure, it is great to have in November and December time but at the end of the day, it more than likely will not be the deciding factor in winning a Super Bowl. 

The Bills defense will not only be facing top tier quarterbacks, but they will also have to gameplan for running backs who can implement damage on the ground and through the air. When the Bills defense is able to stop the run, that is when they become dangerous because of their secondary which can play lockdown. 

Entering the 2023 season, here are the top five running backs that the Buffalo Bills will face.