Buffalo Bills plummet further in latest AFC power rankings

The Buffalo Bills dropped another embarrassing loss, which led to a big change.
Buffalo Bills
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13. Los Angeles Chargers (4 - 5)

I simply can't figure out the Los Angeles Chargers. One week they look like one of the best teams in the league, then follow up with a dud or two. This team is loaded with as much talent as any team in the league and should be winning far more than they are. We've seen two coach firings so far this season between Buffalo's Ken Dorsey and the Raiders McDaniels. Is Chargers head coach Brandon Staley the next to fall?

12. Las Vegas Raiders (5 - 5)

The Las Vegas Raiders made a change with their head coach, firing Josh McDaniels and named interim head coach Antonio Pierce. He's currently undefeated as a head coach, with the Raiders having won back-to-back games since his promotion. How long will it last? Who knows but the Raiders are playing better under him and with rookie Aiden O'Connell under center.

11. Buffalo Bills (5- 5)

This is mind-blowing. What has happened to the Buffalo Bills? This is a question I have complete strangers at the grocery store asking me when they pass me in my Bills gear. My response is simple, I just look at them and shake my head. I have no answers and clearly no one at One Bills Drive has any either. It's been good seeing Dalton Kincaid getting involved and Khalil Shakir too but is Coach McDermott on the hot seat? Will firing Dorsey and giving the offense to Joe Brady help? Maybe, but Brady wasn't exactly lighting the league on fire with his offense when leading the Carolina Panthers and was fired too. Let's hope things go better this time around and the Bills can get on a roll.