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For the Buffalo Bills to be in this position, it took a lot of wins and some help from other teams. Well, Buffalo got that help, they beat the Patriots extending their winning streak to four, and now all they have to do is win one more this weekend against the Miami Dolphins and they get into the tournament as the number two seed. We all know this, we've heard this all week long but guess what, there are other options for the Bills to get in.

For the sake of confidence and feeling good about the Bills, the simplest approach would be for the Bills to come away from Hard Rock Stadium with a big W and not look back. Getting that number two seed would be huge for the Bills, guaranteeing them two home playoff games. If the Ravens happen to slip up, that means the AFC Championship game would go through Buffalo if the Bills can advance themselves.

The last time Buffalo hosted the AFC Championship was in 1993 against the Kansas City Chiefs, a game the Bills won 30 - 13, and the last time Buffalo went to the Super Bowl. Could this year be different? It could be but the offense is going to have to play better than they have the last two weeks. It's time for Josh Allen to rise up, take over, and string some incredible performances together. Before that can happen, let's take a look at a few scenarios that get the Bills into the postseason.

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1. Baltimore Ravens (13 - 3)

The Ravens are locked in as the number one seed and home field throughout and a first-round bye.

2. Miami Dolphins (11 - 5)

The Dolphins could lock up the number two seed and the division with a win this weekend, but have already secured a playoff spot, win or lose. As the number two seed, they would host the seventh seed, which is not yet finalized. In the case of a loss, they would be the sixth seed and travel to face Kansas City.

3. Kansas City Chiefs (10 - 6)

The Chiefs have locked up the division and the third seed. They will host the sixth seed, which is not yet finalized. The sixth seed could be any one of the Dolphins, Bills, Texans, Colts, or Steelers.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars (9 - 7)

The Jaguars just need to win against the Titans, and they will secure the division title and the fourth seed. However, if they lose, that opens the door for either the Texans or Colts (they play each other) for the division and that fourth spot. The Jaguars would then be out of the playoffs.

5. Cleveland Browns (11 - 5)

The Browns locked up the fifth spot as the highest-seeded wild-card team. They will travel to whoever wins the AFC South and takes the fourth seed, between the Jaguars, Colts, or Texans.

6. Buffalo Bills (10 - 6)

The Bills need a win against the Dolphins, and they take the AFC East and secure the number two seed in the AFC playoffs. A loss and they need either the Steelers or Jaguars to lose. If that happens the Bills get in as the sixth or seventh seed and would face the Chiefs or Dolphins again.

7. Indianapolis Colts (9 - 7)

If the Colts win, they are in as either the sixth or seventh seed. However, if they win and the Jaguars lose, the Colts win the division and go in as the fourth seed and would host the Browns. A loss and the Colts are out of the playoffs.

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8. Houston Texans (9 - 7)

The Texans need to win against the Colts and get some help from the Titans. If Houston and Tennesse win, that puts the Texans in as the AFC South winner and the fourth seed. Lose to the Colts and it doesn't matter, they are out.

9. Pittsburgh Steelers (9 - 7)

The Steelers need the most help. They need to beat the Ravens and have the Bills lose but they can also get in if they win and the Jaguars lose or tie. There is also a world they get in with a win and a tie in the Colts/Texans game. Lastly, they could still get in even if they lose but would need a winner in the Colts/Texans game, plus a loss by the Jaguars and a win by the Broncos.

At the end of the day, Buffalo just needs to win and nothing else matters. They put themselves in the best possible position for a deep playoff run and who knows what might happen from there. The Dolphins are beat up and the Bills are getting healthy, even with the season-ending injuries to Tre'Davious White and Matt Milano. Buffalo has done a great job in filling those spots with Rasul Douglas and Tyrel Dodson, both of whom are playing great football right now.

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