Buffalo Bills: 10 players who won't be on the roster in 2024

Gabriel Davis, Buffalo Bills
Gabriel Davis, Buffalo Bills / Bryan Bennett/GettyImages
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Leonard Floyd won't be on the Buffalo Bills roster in 2024

These last two are bigger names, and names that the Bills will use every last bit out of this coming season in order to try and win a Super Bowl. First up is veteran edge rusher Leonard Floyd, who was recently signed to a 1-year deal in Buffalo.

Floyd is the perfect signing for Buffalo and at the perfect time. He comes in being able to step into Von Miller's role for as long as needed, and when Miller comes back, it'll likely be those two starting opposite one another while Gregory Rousseau gets plenty of run, too.

Next year, though, the Bills should be set with Miller and Rousseau, thus not needing to re-sign Floyd.

Gabe Davis won't be on the Buffalo Bills roster in 2024

Bills fans have waited and waited, yet Gabe Davis has yet to fully break out in the consistent manner he's been expected to. Davis is still a valuable player to this offense in 2023, but once his contract is up after this year, it's going to be tough seeing Buffalo re-sign him.

Even if Davis finally busts loose in 2023, it will be difficult for the Bills to trust that he can keep it up, should they choose to pay him. Additionally, the Bills are already paying Stefon Diggs big-time money. Thus, paying a significant amount to another wide receiver, that might only have one productive year under his belt, seems like too big a gamble to take.

Davis' time in Buffalo will be done after the 2023 season.

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