Buffalo Bills' next big offensive stars: 5 breakout candidates to watch in 2024

The offense has been the talk all offseason long, how will the Bills fare without Stefon Diggs, will the Bills offense still be one of the best? Who steps up in this offense?
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The Buffalo Bills are not without several breakout candidates this year. With so many new faces, and unknowns surrounding the unit, it makes sense to believe someone breaks out, right? Please don't misunderstand what this list means or my intention. I'm not saying all five of the guys on my list will break out or even that any of them will, but they are the five I believe have the potential to do so and most likely. Also, when you talk about breakout offensive players, the first thought goes immediately to the skill position players, wide receivers, running backs, tight ends, and the quarterback. The term, "skill position" is a slap in the face of every offensive lineman. They have skills too, and I challenge anyone to try to do the job they do. I had to add one to my list.

The Bills are banking on one or two of these guys breaking out this season, and it doesn't have to be from this list either. If it's someone else that rises, fantastic. The Bills' offense will be fine regardless with Josh Allen behind center, but he will need someone to be his go-to guy, someone he can count on to be where he's supposed to be. Buffalo will likely run the ball a bit more this season, similar to what we saw throughout the second half of last season, so that should lend to someone breaking out in the running game too, but who could that be? Let's get into it.

Five Buffalo Bills that could breakout in 2024

Khalil Shakir - WR

Khalil Shakir has been a fan-favorite since his mini-breakout sophomore season last year. From Week One on, his snap share gradually increased, then in Week Seven, he received four targets in the passing game, turning all four into receptions, and he continued to play significant snaps from that moment on. He finished the year with 45 receptions, 611 yards, and two touchdowns. Adding another ten receptions, 75 yards, and two scores in two playoff games. Shakir has an opportunity to become Allen's number one, becoming a known name outside the Bills fanbase and putting together a truly breakout season.