Buffalo Bills News and Rumors: Julian Blackmon, Josh Allen, Taron Johnson

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The Buffalo Bills and the rest of the NFL are heading into the second wave of free agency after a busy first week last week. The front office didn't waste much time to start the week as they were able to extend a key part of their defense and also schedule a visit with a potential starting safety.

These are some of the news and rumors from Monday for the Bills.

Buffalo Bills News: Updates on Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs and Matt Milano's contracts

Over the course of the year, there are certain dates written into contracts that can change the contract. That was the case over the weekend as three players had notable deadlines in their contract.

According to Spotrac, Josh Allen's salary for 2025 became fully guaranteed at $14 million. This isn't necessarily a big deal as there is almost no chance that the Bills would be looking to cut Josh Allen next season.

In addition to Allen, Stefon Diggs salary for the upcoming season became fully guaranteed at $18.5 million. As noted by Michael Ginnitti, if the Bills were to trade Diggs this offseason that fully guaranteed salary would transfer to the new team.

The final notable update is for Matt Milano as he received his option bonus of $10 million.