Buffalo Bills news and rumors: Christmas Day, Budda Baker and getting paid

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We are deep into the draft process but there is still other news and rumors out there that aren't your most recent mock draft or the latest Stefon Diggs cryptic message. Even though most fans and analysts enjoy a good mock draft, myself included, I'm going to take a different direction today. The Bills have a few players who are getting paid for their 2023 performances, more trade rumors, and a Christmas Day game on a Wednesday.

Could the Buffalo Bills play on Christmas Day in 2024?

The NFL recently announced there will be a football game on Christmas Day in 2024. The concern among some is that is on a Wednesday. Could it be the Buffalo Bills playing on that day? There are some options too on their schedule. The league could put the Bills against the Kansas City Chiefs, that matchup is always a big-ticket, but they could showcase the Bills against the 49ers, Dolphins, Texans, or Ravens. Some options could pull some big viewership numbers.

Could the Buffalo Bills make a trade for safety Budda Baker?

It wouldn't be a draft season without an annual trade rumor or multiple. This time though, the trade doesn't involve Diggs or an aging receiver or running back. This time it's Arizona Cardinals safety Budda Baker. Baker would be an upgrade, but is the upgrade worth the cost of a trade? According to CBSSports.com, Buffalo was named a top destination. Baker's cap hit for 2024 is $19 million and after June 1st, the Bills should have around $16 million in cap space, so I don't see how a deal would work, but as I said, it's not draft season without the crazy trade rumors.

Buffalo Bills players got paid for performance in 2023.

The Bills had some standout players from a year ago, that surprised many fans. I'm going to toot my own horn here and say I called the Spencer Brown performance. In all seriousness, the biggest surprise of the 2023 season was the emergence of linebacker Terrel Bernard. Also, along the offensive line that had an impressive performance was rookie O'Cyrus Torrence. Though he had his struggles as a rookie, he had a solid season. All three players made the top 25 for the highest payouts based on performance in the league. That's good news for the Bills and let's hope next season, they all take another step.


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