Why the Buffalo Bills need to win out if they are to make the postseason

Dallas Cowboys v Buffalo Bills
Dallas Cowboys v Buffalo Bills / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages
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Week 17: Bills vs. Patriots

One of the Bills' six losses on the year came from this Patriots team, as the Bills allowed 29 points against one of the worst offenses in the league. The Bills' offense also turned over the ball twice in their last meeting, which didn't help their chances of winning. 

However, this is a much different Bills team, as they have established a dangerous two-dimensional offense. The last time the Bills got swept by a divisional opponent was against the Patriots in 2019. The Bills aren't going to get swept again, especially by the Patriots. The Bills will look to establish their dominant offense under Joe Brady. The defense will look to keep their momentum going and get a taste of revenge against the Patriots offense.

Week 18: Bills vs Dolphins

This is the most challenging game remaining on the Bills' schedule, as they have a rematch against a young and speedy Dolphins team. The Bills handed them their first loss back in week four, which is huge coming down to tiebreakers, which the Bills do hold if both teams have tying records in the division.

The Bills control their destiny, and that week four win will be very crucial if the Dolphins don't lose any of their next two games before then. The Dolphins face two tough teams, the Ravens and the Cowboys, so there's no guarantee that the Dolphins can get two wins before week 18.