Buffalo Bills: Most rushing yards in one game in franchise history

O.J. Simpson, Buffalo Bills
O.J. Simpson, Buffalo Bills / Focus On Sport/GettyImages

Which player on the Buffalo Bills has the record for most rushing yards in a single game?

The Buffalo Bills have had some excellent running backs in their franchise history and O.J. Simpson certainly ranks near the top for his accomplishments on the field. He would win the MVP once and make the Pro Bowl on six different occasions.

Even though he hasn't played for the Buffalo Bills since 1977, he still holds the franchise record for most rushing yards in a game. That record would be set in 1976 while the Bills were struggling to a 2-12 record.

The record setting game would come against the Detroit Lions when he had 29 rushing attempts for 273 rushing yards and two rushing touchdowns. The fact that Simpson averaged almost 10 yards per carry at a time that defenses were almost exclusively focused on slowing him down speaks to how well he played.

O.J. Simpson has four of the five highest rushing games in Buffalo Bills history

During the 1970s, O.J. Simpson was one of the best running backs in the league and in addition to this game, he would run for 250 yards in 1973, 227 rushing yards in 1975, and 219 rushing yards in 1973.

In fact, the next game after he set the record, he would run for 203 yards on 24 carries against the Miami Dolphins. The only running back to rank in the Top 5 in this category is Cookie Gilchrist, who had 243 rushing yards in 1963.

The season that Simpson sent the record would be the final season he broke 1,000 rushing yards as he would play one more in Buffalo before finishing his career with the San Francisco 49ers, playing two seasons there.

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