Breaking down the all-time Buffalo Bills running backs as voted by Bills Mafia

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I started this project three months ago, putting together a Buffalo Bills All-Time team. There are lots of player rankings and best player this, best player that but I took a different angle. I wanted an All-Time team that was voted on by Bills Mafia. So, here we are.

When I started this project, I created polls for each position that went up on both Facebook and Twitter, hoping to get the most diverse group of Bills fans possible, then, I combined the numbers from the two polls and came up with the winners.

The Buffalo Bills have a long history of great running backs, some of which are Hall of Famers, others are fan favorites, while others we ask the question, what could have been? The list includes the NFL's first-ever 2,000-yard rusher. Three former Bills running backs are top-15 among backs in receiving yards and also three in the top-25 of the NFL's all-time leading rushers.

A look at the Bills' top-five leading rushers includes names like Joe Cribbs and another name many fans may have forgotten, Travis Henry. Devin Singletary makes the Bills' top-ten, with 3,151 yards on the ground. Among all Bills' running backs, Singletary's 4.7 career yards per carry average ranks third in team history.

The top two backs voted to this Bills all-time team won't likely be challenged anytime in the near future, if at all. The way the game is played today, running backs don't last long enough to put up the kind of numbers their NFL predecessors such as Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith, or Jim Brown did.