Buffalo Bills: Most passing yards in one game in franchise history

Drew Bledsoe, Buffalo Bills
Drew Bledsoe, Buffalo Bills / USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills suffered a heartbreaking defeat to the Minnesota Vikings in overtime in the 2022 season by a final score of 33-30. This is not the only time the Bills have had a thrilling overtime game against the Vikings with another one back in 2002.

That game would be a record setting one for Drew Bledsoe, who was the starting quarterback at the time for the Buffalo Bills. This would be only his second game with the franchise after they traded for him with the New England Patriots in the offseason.

In the overtime game, Bledsoe would throw for 463 passing yards with three touchdowns and no interceptions. The final touchdown would be the one that would give him the record as he threw a 48-yard touchdown pass in overtime caught by Peerless Price.

While the Buffalo Bills would only finish 8-8 that year and be in the early years of the playoff drought, Bledsoe played very well in his first year. He finished with 4,359 passing yards and 24 passing touchdowns while making his fourth, and final Pro Bowl.

Josh Allen holds the passing record for the Buffalo Bills in a game that ended in regulation

Drew Bledsoe certainly benefited from that extra period to get the record but for the most passing yards in a game that ended in regulation, then Josh Allen holds that record. He would actually set it this past season against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

In that game, the Bills would blow out the Pittsburgh Steelers by a final score of 38-3 and Josh Allen would throw for 424 passing yards with four touchdowns and one interception. With the game out of reach, the Bills would pull Josh Allen and put in Case Keenum.

The way that game was going it wouldn't have been surprising to see him pass Drew Bledsoe's record.

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