Buffalo Bills make jump in latest AFC power rankings after dominating Cowboys

Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Bills / Lauren Leigh Bacho/GettyImages
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7. Jacksonville Jaguars (8 - 6)  

One week the Jaguars look like a playoff team and the next, they look like a team that will be drafting in the top ten come the 2024 NFL Draft. This week they weren't very good, losing to the Baltimore Ravens 23 - 7. It's wild to think that at one point this season I had the Jaguars as one of the top teams in the AFC and now they could find themselves outside of the playoffs. They still lead the AFC South but all three teams, Jaguars, Texans, and Colts, are 8 - 6, so the conference is up for grabs.

6. Buffalo Bills (8 - 6)

The Bills are rolling right now and after a 31 - 10 drubbing of the Cowboys, the Bills have become that team that no one wants in the playoffs. Buffalo isn't in control of their destiny technically but if they continue to win, they'll find themselves in the playoffs and it's a whole new season at that point. The Bills dominant win would normally have moved them further up these rankings but all five teams ahead of them on this list came away with wins. But is there a team in the league playing better right now?

5. Cincinnati Bengals (8 - 6)

The Bengals might actually look better right now with Jake Browning at the helm but at what point will he come back to earth? Or will he? I've said before that I don't believe Joe Burrow is a top-five quarterback in the league and what Browing is doing right now only proves my point. Bengals quarterbacks benefit from those skill players around them and the coaches call a great offensive game. Regardless, this is a solid team and may find a way into the playoffs, even without Burrow.