Buffalo Bills 5 major storylines heading into week 16 matchup with Chargers

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Will the Bills get the help they need this weekend to advance their playoff hopes?

We know the Bills need to keep winning but they still need some help to finish this thing off and get into the playoffs. Starting with the Dallas Cowboys but how ironic would it be for the Bills to dismantle the Cowboys the way they did, then have the Cowboys defeat the Dolphins the very next week? Miami plays the Cowboys, followed by the Baltimore Ravens and we just need them to lose one of those two. Of course, that's assuming Buffalo wins their next two.

But there is a world where the Bills find themselves as high as the sixth seed by the end of the early games on Sunday. This can happen if the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Cincinnati Bengals on Saturday, then on Sunday the Cleveland Browns defeat the Houston Texans and the Atlanta Falcons take down the Indianapolis Colts. Oh, by the way, the Bengals will be without Ja'Marr Chase too.