Buffalo Bills 5 major storylines heading into week 16 matchup with Chargers

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The Buffalo Bills continue their march toward the playoffs this weekend when they take on the Los Angeles Chargers on Saturday night. I recently had a conversation with a Chargers content creator, and I was a little surprised to hear just how bad it is for the Chargers. I know they fired their head coach and general manager, so obviously things aren't good but, all I can say is wow, this Chargers team is a dumpster fire.

The Bills should be able to roll in this one but I'm sure no one was worried about the New England Patriots, New York Jets or Denver Broncos before Buffalo lost those games. Look, I'd be lying if I said I was 100% confident but Buffalo is rolling right now and this isn't the same team that lost those games. The coaching staff seems to have gotten things figured out on the defensive side and Joe Brady has the offense humming.

The Bills should come out of Los Angeles with a win, extending their current streak to three straight. To me, this game is about putting some things on film for opposing teams to have to game plan for down the road. Teams know all about Josh Allen and what he can do, but now we're seeing James Cook become a star and that has to be a scary situation for defenses. Allen is hard enough to stop, but the Bills have an excellent offensive line and an outstanding running game too. And don't forget, Cook is a problem in the passing game. Let's get into my five major storylines heading into this matchup.