Why the Bills should be laughing at Patriots' hiring of Jerod Mayo

Buffalo Bills, Jerod Mayo
Buffalo Bills, Jerod Mayo / Chris Unger/GettyImages

The Buffalo Bills are in the playoffs, meanwhile, their most hated divisional foe is at home.

Not to mention, those New England Patriots have done the unthinkable in finally parting ways with Bill Belichick. Sure, the writing seemed to be on the wall. The game had passed him by. It made sense to part ways.

But, the Patriots also just announced the hiring of Jerod Mayo as Belichick's replacement. The inside linebackers coach has been given a monumental promotion, and now must fill the shoes of one of the greatest coaches in league history.

While there are definitely some positives in hiring Mayo, Buffalo Bills fans should be laughing.

First and foremost, let me preface the following by saying this: if/when Sean McDermott is fired, I'd guess the majority of the fan base would want a younger, offensive mind to come in and relieve him. That's where the league is headed.

With that said, it's a bit curious as to why the Patriots hired a defensive head coach in a league dominated by offensive minds. Look at some of the best teams in football: San Francisco, Philadelphia, Kansas City, Dallas ... they all have more offensive-geared head coaches than defensive-minded.

The Patriots' biggest problem is on offense. It starts with finding a franchise quarterback and throwing in the towel on Mac Jones and Bailey Zappe. But, their offense as a whole is atrocious. There is no identity and there are hardly any real playmakers.

The Patriots just looked at their number one problem in the eyes and said, "Nah, take a back seat."

Of course, Mayo could prove me wrong. But, a franchise that once boasted the greatest quarterback of all-time now sees that position as their biggest problem.

And they hired a defensive-minded coach when the majority of the league would suggest otherwise.

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