Buffalo Bills: Key takeaways from Brandon Beane and Sean McDermott's season-ending press conferences

On Tuesday afternoon, the Bills top brass met with the media following another heartbreaking playoff defeat against the Chiefs. The Bills general manager and head coach answered questions about the 2023 season and the future of their team.
Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
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Don't expect many offseason splashes from Buffalo Bills

The Bills enter this offseason in a salary cap swamp. With Allen's contract extension ready to kick in, the team enters the spring at 47.1 million dollars over the salary cap — and they have 22 players ready to become unrestricted free agents, including wide receiver Gabriel Davis and safety Micah Hyde.

The good news is that Beane can restructure the contracts of players like Allen and Diggs to provide salary relief ahead of free agency and the draft, but that won't be enough to make Buffalo a serious buyer this offseason.

On Tuesday afternoon, Beane acknowledged that he'll be in a difficult spot when it comes to retooling the team this offseason. In free agency, the Bills general manager will likely have to hit big on a number of one-year deals, like he did with defensive end Leonard Floyd this past summer.

"The one-year deals, yes, we'll have to do some of that. We'll have to be selective... But I'm not laying my head down at night going, we don't have a shot at it next year."

Brandon Beane

Luckily, the Bills enter the NFL draft with ten selections, including a compensatory third-round pick from the Chicago Bears signing of Tremaine Edmunds last offseason, which is expected to be announced ahead of the draft in April.

It will be crucial for Beane to hit on the Bills draft selections this offseason, especially in the early rounds where they're expected to pursue another wide receiver to play alongside Diggs. As for free agency, Bills fans shouldn't expect the team to make any Von Miller-esque signings.