Grading Josh Allen’s performance in Week 15 against the Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys v Buffalo Bills
Dallas Cowboys v Buffalo Bills / Timothy T Ludwig/GettyImages

It was a great start for the Buffalo Bills in the first half as they took a 21-3 lead over the Dallas Cowboys, before keeping their foot on the gas pedal for the rest of the game. The Bills would go on to win this must-win game against the Cowboys 31-10. Once the Bills got into the end zone for the fourth time, the starting offense would see the bench and the backups took over.

In this rainy game, it was the run game for the Bills that took over the Dallas defense led by James Cook, who had a career day on the ground with 25 carries for 179 yards and one touchdown (also added on 2 catches for 42 yards and a score).

The passing game led by Josh Allen only went for 94 yards but it did not need to be the main factor like it has been all season long. Allen finished the game going 7/15 for 94 yards and 2 total touchdowns. This was the kind of game the Bills needed to keep their playoff hopes alive, and making it a statement game also helps too.

The offense has looked much better over the last month of football under interim offensive coordinator Joe Brady, and this game proved that Allen does not need to be the savior for the offense.

Allen was only sacked once on the day but with the rainy conditions, the passing game was not a threat. Allen was 4/10 at one point in the game, but the important matter to keep in mind is that the nine game interception streak has come to an end.

Overall, the offense under Allen looked to be on point and the running game carried the unit. Even with Allen having a limited ceiling through the air, he still managed to add to the run game as well that helped the Bills get a touchdown on the board.

Allen and the Bills are now 8-6 and will head out west to take on the Los Angeles Chargers next Saturday night.

Josh Allen's Week 15 Grade: B