Grading Josh Allen's performance in Week 5 against Jaguars

Jacksonville Jaguars v Buffalo Bills
Jacksonville Jaguars v Buffalo Bills / Henry Browne/GettyImages
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Josh Allen's Overall Performance Grade for Week 5: B

Allen played solid, not great but solid. His play was safe for the most part. Although he would miss some throws early on, but didn't have a lot of opportunities to do anything with the football, as the Jaguars ate up 38 minutes of possession time compared to the Bills' 22 minutes. 

The offense was also too busy trying to get the running game going as well but was overall not working out, especially with James Cook not being able to finish with positive rushing yards with -4 on the day.

When the passing game was going, it was working. Allen seemed calm and accurate, but the vast amount of penalties made his job harder, one of those penalties resulted in Allen taking a shot downfield with Diggs that resulted in his only turnover in the game.

Allen would have some moments where he overlooked his check-down options and forced the ball downfield. One instance is when he missed Dalton Kincaid on a wide-open check down and forced the ball to Dawson Knox, forcing Knox to try to make a play with one hand and would have to end the drive with a punt.

This field goal opportunity would end up being huge when it came to being down 11-10 rather than 11-7 in the third quarter. Although, late in the game when it mattered most, Allen delivered and carried his team when needed, but at that point it was too little too late.

The injuries the Bills' defense faced during this game were killer when it came to stopping the Jaguars' offense on important drives, and the amount of time the defense was on the field wasn't ideal either, which made the defense tired as well.

Some of these injuries weren't light ones either, as Daquan Jones and Matt Milano may have season-ending ones, which puts some big holes in the Bills' defense for the remainder of the season.

Allen will probably be relied upon more often, which isn't ideal when trying to make a deep playoff push this season. Allen would finish the day 27/40, 373 total yards and three total touchdowns with one interception. 

The Bills would lose this game 20-25, fall to 3-2, and look to rebound against a weak 1-4 Giants team in Buffalo Sunday night.