Is the Buffalo Bills Josh Allen the best dual-threat quarterback in the league

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One could argue that Josh Allen is the best quarterback in the league, let alone a dual-threat quarterback. But I won't go there, at least not in this article. We're here to discuss whether he's the best dual-threat QB and the simple answer is yes.

You can probably name a couple of quarterbacks that might be better pure passers than Allen, such as Aaron Rodgers or maybe Justin Herbert. You can say there are better running quarterbacks too, like Lamar Jackson and Kyler Murray. We can even say there is someone better at off-script plays, that being Patrick Mahomes.

But no one in the league combines all three of these traits and does them all at the level collectively that Allen does, which is why I will always say he's the most talented and physically gifted QB in the NFL.

"Since Allen made the Pro Bowl jump in 2020, he's remained among the league's best and most exciting quarterbacks. Arguably the top dual-threat in the league, Allen can attack defenses with his arm or his legs, and he's been remarkably durable along the way."

Kristopher Knox - Bleacher Report

Allen has several "firsts" in league history, such as being the first to reach 100 passing touchdowns and 30 rushing touchdowns in his first four seasons in the league. In fact, his game-worn jersey and cleats from the Bills' Week 16 win over the Patriots in 2021 are on display at the NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame, after accomplishing the feat.

As the Buffalo Bills get ready to begin training camp this week, Allen will no doubt get that right arm of his fired up and the legs churning, as the Bills get ready to embark on another season and shot at that elusive Super Bowl title. It seems Allen is just too good for the Bills not to eventually win a Lombardi trophy but only time will tell.

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