Buffalo Bills need to complete full search for next offensive coordinator

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills
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The Buffalo Bills will begin evaluating everything from the 2023 season as they build a plan for the future. There will undoubtedly be changes on the coaching staff and one of the key positions that might happen is at offensive coordinator.

One change has already happened over the past year as they fired Ken Dorsey during the season and promoted quarterback coach Joe Brady into the role. The results since that change is undeniable as the Bills would go 7-2 with Brady calling the offense between the regular season and the playoffs.

There is no denying that Josh Allen played better and the offense was slightly more productive with an average of 27.1 points per game. It was a significant difference though as Dorsey's offense averaged 26.2 points per game.

Buffalo Bills should conduct a search outside organization for next offensive coordinator

The job done by Joe Brady was not bad by any means and he might end up being the best option. He certainly has the support of the players, including Josh Allen.

"“I would fully embrace it,” Allen said Monday, of Brady returning. “I love Joe. I love what he brings to this team, to our offense, the juice that he has, the passion he has for football. How much preparation he's put into a tough situation these last seven to eight weeks. Yeah, I would fully embrace that. And obviously there's stuff that needs to go on before that. I understand there's probably an interview process and all that, but he's got my vote.”"

However, it would be smart for the coaching staff to do a complete search to see what other options might be out there. The last time the Bills had to hire a new offensive coordinator was two years ago when Brian Daboll left to be head coach of the Giants.

While the Bills did interview two candidates, Tee Martin and Edgar Bennett, it felt like a foregone conclusion that Ken Dorsey was going to be coach.

By conducting a comprehensive search, it should not be a reflection on Joe Brady or what he accomplished. If anything it should validate that he is the best coach for the job but it would do the offense a dis-service if they didn't go through the process.