5 Buffalo Bills games that could define Josh Allen's 2024 season

Every season, the Bills fans circle a handful of games on the new schedule. These are the games they are looking forward to and often believe to be make or break type games. We have five games circled here that could define Josh Allen's 2024 season.
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Week 11: Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs are Buffalo’s biggest rival, including the Dolphins.  I say this because Allen and the Bills have largely owned the Dolphins since Allen came into the league.  That has not been the case with the Chiefs.  Since Allen’s arrival to the NFL, the Bills and Chiefs have faced each other seven times, with the first coming in the regular season of 2020.  The Chiefs defeated Allen and the Bills both times they faced during the 2020 season, including a win in the playoffs.  Since the 2021 regular season, Buffalo owns the head-to-head, 3 games to two.  Since 2020, the Bills are 3 – 4 against the Mahomes led Chiefs and unfortunately, three of those Chiefs wins have come in the playoffs.

This regular season battle could be a season-defining game because it will be the first time Allen has faced the Chiefs with Diggs.  Sounds like a recurring theme here, right?  This season is a big one for Allen, because of the absence of Diggs.  I mentioned this at the start of this article, this season could be a season-defining one for Allen, and could go a long way in solidifying him as one of the best and elite quarterbacks in the NFL.  I can’t wait to see what Allen does with Diggs out of town and the drama the unnecessary drama.