5 Buffalo Bills games that could define Josh Allen's 2024 season

Every season, the Bills fans circle a handful of games on the new schedule. These are the games they are looking forward to and often believe to be make or break type games. We have five games circled here that could define Josh Allen's 2024 season.
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Week 3: vs Jacksonville Jaguars

Josh Allen and the Bills haven’t faired very well against the Jaguars as of late, and seem to struggle with them.  In three matchups with Jacksonville, Allen has thrown for 783 yards, three touchdowns and three interceptions.  These are very pedestrian numbers for Allen, particularly when you consider 359 yards and two touchdowns in the last game alone.  The Bills are 1 – 2 against the Jaguars with Allen under center.  The Bills face off with Jacksonville in Week Three and will host them as well, and will get a chance to even the win/loss record.

It's been well chronicled that Allen will be without both his former top wideouts, Diggs and Davis for the first time since 2020.  Having a terrific game against Jacksonville isn’t enough either.  Allen needs to come away with a win, or the narrative will continue that Jacksonville has Allen’s number.  He’ll have some new weapons this time around, and you could argue that even without Diggs, the Bills wide receiver room is better overall, than last season.  Also, I expect Allen to come out next season with a new energy and outlook.  Last year felt very “forced”, and he just never seemed to be having fun, like we’ve seen him in previous years.