4 Buffalo Bills games in 2024 that could define Keon Coleman's rookie season

Keon Coleman has taken Bills Mafia by storm in the early going. We've all seen the multiple videos and quotes that have made us laugh. Coelman's September field success will be crucial for maintaining fan support.
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Week 11: vs Kansas City Chiefs

I didn't want to pick this game initially, because it seems too obvious of a choice. But then I thought to myself, don't overthink this. Outside of maybe the Dolphins, the Chiefs are the Bills' biggest rival. Buffalo continues to struggle with the Chiefs in the postseason but has won three straight in the regular season, all on the road. Now Buffalo gets the Chiefs in front of their home crowd for a regular season showdown. Buffalo has had some incredible performances from their receivers in recent battles, including Gabe Davis's 200-plus, four-touchdown game and Diggs's ten receptions and 148 yards game.

But both of those guys are out, and despite Khalil Shakir racking up seven receptions last season, he went for only 44 yards in that game. Buffalo will need someone in the passing game to step up. Coleman could be that guy, and if he has an excellent game and the Bills win, he'll capture every Bills fan's heart (those he hasn't already). By the time we get to this game, we'll know more about the Buffalo Bills and Keon Coleman than we know right now, and I can't wait!


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