4 Buffalo Bills games in 2024 that could define Keon Coleman's rookie season

Keon Coleman has taken Bills Mafia by storm in the early going. We've all seen the multiple videos and quotes that have made us laugh. Coelman's September field success will be crucial for maintaining fan support.
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Week 6: at New York Jets

The Bills' offense has faltered against the Jets lately. This matchup could be a defining moment for Coleman if he can help them break that trend. New York always seems to give Josh Allen fits, and Coleman could provide that spark that the team might need to sustain some drives and get points on the Jets defense, something Buffalo has lacked in years past. Sauce Gardner is the Jets' top corner and one of the best in the league. Could we see him shadow Coleman in this game?

The Jets' defensive game plan will depend on how the Bills and Coleman perform during the season's first month. If Coleman is making plays week in and week out, I can see the Jets having Gardner follow Coleman. If they do that, it could mean a big day for Dalton Kincaid and Khalil Shakir. How great would it be to see Coleman "moss" one over Gardner for six?