Buffalo Bills free agency Q & A with AI

  • Should the Buffalo Bills resign A.J. Epenesa?
  • Who could be potential cap casualties in 2024?
  • What 2024 NFL free agents should the Buffalo Bills pursue?
  • Which Bills free agents should Buffalo try to retain?
  • Should the bills do everything they can to re-sign DaQuan Jones?

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Should the Buffalo Bills resign A.J. Epenesa?

One of the other writers here at BuffaLowDown recently wrote his thoughts about whether the Bills should re-sign Epenesa, but what does AI think about the possibility of resigning Epenesa? AI presented several points on the "resign Epenesa front", including his age and versatility. Epenesa is only 25 years old and still has room to grow and further develop but he also can play inside or on the edge. AI also mentioned that Epenesa's familiarity with the other players, coaches, and the scheme are other major factors to consider, and he could be relatively affordable. Spotrac.com currently has Epenesa's market value listed at $5.6 million.

Of course, AI had to give the negatives too, and why the Bills maybe shouldn't resign Epenesa, starting with his lack of consistent production. Yes, Epenesa's recorded his second season of 6.5 sacks as part of a defensive line rotation, but those numbers seem to come in bunches. I've often referred to Epenesa as the defense's version of Gabe Davis. Sometimes he comes through for a big game but then disappears for a few games. Another factor here is that the Bills have other position needs as well, so the Bills could decide to go another direction and instead rebuild their defensive line through the draft.