Buffalo Bills: Every AFC East rival's most overrated player

Buffalo Bills, Aaron Rodgers
Buffalo Bills, Aaron Rodgers / Rich Schultz/GettyImages
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As we await the days of training camp and check out the beginning of what hopefully is a Super Bowl run from the Buffalo Bills, it's always fun to poke a little fun at the rest of the division.

It's especially fun to do so, now that the Bills have become big brother in the AFC East.

We thought we would look around the rest of the division and put together a list of each Bills rival's most overrated players. And, speaking of big brother, let's begin with the team that used to claim that title within the AFC East.

New England Patriots wide receiver DeVante Parker is past the point of breakout

For years now, we have waited and waited for a true breakout from former first-round pick DeVante Parker. At this point, though, Parker is what he is. In eight seasons as a pro, he has only topped 1,000 receiving yards once, and that came back in 2019.

Yet, he still sits atop New England's depth chart as quite possibly their WR1. The Patriots don't have a real, legitimate outside threat to be their alpha wide receiver. But, Parker is as good as they're going to have. For a long time, in Miami, fans waited and continued to believe he could break out. But, that season never really came outside of the one flash in the pan in 2019.

Parker is now 30 years old and his career probably won't reach a higher high than he saw four years ago. This season, though, is his last one under contract. So, maybe he'll play up to more of his long-time potential. It might be difficult, though, catching passes from an inconsistent Mac Jones.