A Buffalo Bills division rival broke the rules, again

Buffalo Bills, Bill Belichick
Buffalo Bills, Bill Belichick / Billie Weiss/GettyImages

Since Tom Brady left the New England Patriots, life has been just a little bit sweeter for the Buffalo Bills and Bills Mafia.

No longer would the Bills have to deal with Brady. No longer would the Bills have to play the role of little brother. In fact, as recent as just last season, the Bills played the opposite role. Buffalo sent the Patriots packing in Week 18, beating them and knocking them firmly out of the playoffs.

Whether it's beating the Patriots, watching them lose to any other team, or getting a chuckle out of any form of punishment handed out upon Belichick and the organization, Bills fans will never tire of poking fun at New England's misfortune.

Once again, Bills fans get to laugh a little bit at the expense of their divisional foe.

The Patriots were docked two OTA practices for violating rules... proceed with laughter, Buffalo Bills nation

Wednesday, it was reported that the Patriots have been hit with a punishment for violating a rule. The specifics to which violation have not been given, but New England is now seeing two of their OTA practices taken away.

That normally might not be a big deal for some teams, but for New England, it just shines a light on their history of breaking rules.

Of course, the infamous "Deflate Gate" back in 2014 received a ton of attention. But, let's not forget "Spygate" in 2007. Belichick is no stranger to breaking the rules, and we should be talking about it more. But, instead, he's continually glorified as one of the greatest coaches of all-time.

Are we sure it wasn't Brady who made Belichick? I mean, let's look at what the Patriots have done since Brady left.

Ah, we don't have to do that. We know the facts. New England has been mediocre, at best, since the greatest quarterback of all-time left the building. Meanwhile, Belichick is once again a mediocre coach.

Yep, read that again. Mediocre. I said what I said.

Any Patriots fans reading, just do me a favor and find me evidence that says otherwise, without including the name "Brady."

Enjoy your eight OTA practices, Mac Jones. Careful not to let Bailey Zappe take that starting gig. You're gonna need all the practice you can get, sir.

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