Buffalo Bills: Cole Beasley gets in middle of comparing Josh Allen, Dak Prescott

Former Bills receiver Cole Beasley found himself attacked by the Bills Mafia on Twitter recently
Buffalo Bills, Cole Beasley, Josh Allen
Buffalo Bills, Cole Beasley, Josh Allen / Brett Carlsen/GettyImages

A few days ago, Buffalo Bills fans did what every fan base does best during the latter part of June.

With not much to watch or talk about as we await training camp, a few fans found a particular tweet to find exception with. That tweet was sent out by former Bills receiver, Cole Beasley.

No, it had nothing to do with politics or his standing on any social or medical controversies. Actually, it was originally in praise for a former quarterback of his.

Former Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley unintentionally got himself into a little Twitter spat

Initially, there was a tweet that surfaced comparing Texans rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud's leadership with that of Cowboys veteran Dak Prescott. Beasley retweeted the story on Stroud and called Prescott the "best leader" he's ever played with.

That didn't exactly go over in a smooth manner with Bills Mafia. Beasley received a plethora of negative responses, to no one's surprise. He's been a magnet for attention the last few years, and he probably loves every second of it.

Beasley played with Prescott in Dallas before joining the Bills and ending his career playing three-plus seasons in Buffalo. He would later send another tweet in response to a Bills fan, clarifying that his previous quoted tweet was not a knock on Josh Allen (which most level-headed fans should have already understood).

Bills Mafia had nothing to get that upset over with Beasley's initial tweet, and the above fan's perspective is a valid, sincere and true opinion. Prescott can certainly be the best leader Beasley has ever played with, but that doesn't make Josh Allen a bad leader.

Another great example would be if a former Packers player made one innocent tweet about how great Brett Favre was, while sticking around for the beginning of the Aaron Rodgers era, and a fan taking that tweet as an insult to Rodgers.

Or, how about Reggie Wayne making a comment about Andrew Luck and some Colts fan taking that as a slap in the face to Peyton Manning?

You could play this game all day long, folks. Beasley clearly caught some fans in their emotions.

Can we all just agree that we miss football? Let's do that.

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