Buffalo Bills climb in latest AFC power rankings after bye week

Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Bills / Perry Knotts/GettyImages
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10. Pittsburgh Steelers (7 - 5)

One week the Steelers look good and could be a playoff team but the next they are getting embarrassed by the Arizona Cardinals. And now they have to move forward without Kenny Pickett, maybe for the remainder of the season. By the time the end of the season arrives and we have our seven playoff teams, I don't anticipate the Steelers being one of them.

9. Buffalo Bills (6- 6)

It's unreal what is happening with the Bills. Statistically one of the top teams in the NFL, yet here they are with only six wins on the season and fighting for their playoff lives. It's a long shot at this point but despite the loss to the Eagles a couple of weeks ago, the offense was alive again, and took Philadelphia to over time. Maybe, just maybe Buffalo can go on a run this week, starting with the Kansas City Chiefs.

8. Cincinnati Bengals (6 - 6)

The Bengals were left for dead when Joe Burrow went down but on Monday night, backup Jake Browning gave their fans hope for this season. A big win against the Jacksonville Jaguars puts the Bengals squarely back in the playoff hunt. With the weapons the Bengals have, Browning doesn't even have to be as good as he was on Monday but if he is, watch out for the Bengals.