Buffalo Bills vs. Cincinnati Bengals: Week 9 final score prediction

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills
AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The Cincinnati Bengals ended the Buffalo Bills season last year in the AFC Divisional Round as they went into Highmark Stadium and came out with a 27-10 win over Buffalo. The Bills will now be looking for some level of revenge on Sunday night when they head to Cincinnati for their Week 9 matchup.

This is a marquee matchup as the Bengals and Bills are two of the top teams in the AFC but both haven't consistently played like that. The Bills are 5-3 but are one game behind the Miami Dolphins in the AFC East.

The Dolphins are the first game on Sunday with a 9:30 AM EST start against the Kansas City Chiefs. If the Dolphins were to lose, the Bills would move past Miami and back into first place in the AFC East.

Meanwhile, the Bengals are in last place in the AFC North with a 4-3 record but with a win could be only one loss behind the Ravens in the loss column. This game is very important to the Bengals as they are 0-3 within the conference and will need to improve that record with how important it is for playoff tiebreakers.

This game seemingly comes down to three things and they are connected: which quarterback plays better, which team pressures the quarterback more, and who avoids turnovers.

Both teams have excellent quarterbacks with Josh Allen and Joe Burrow while also having some excellent pass rushers like Greg Rousseau and Trey Hendrickson. The difference is that the Bengals have struggled to protect Burrow, who has been sacked 12 times in the last four games, while Allen has been sacked only three.

If the Bills can put pressure on Burrow they can potentially force him into some ill-advised throws and force turnovers. This game should go back and forth and whoever wins the turnover battle should end up coming away with the win.

Week 9 Final Score Prediction: Buffalo Bills: 24, Cincinnati Bengals: 20