Buffalo Bills ‘Blame-O-Meter’: Who’s at Fault for the Team’s Struggles?

Buffalo Bills v Detroit Lions
Buffalo Bills v Detroit Lions / Nic Antaya/GettyImages
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1. Josh Allen (10/10)

I'm sorry, but it's the truth.

Sure, Josh Allen hasn't gotten help from the running game in his career, nor has he enjoyed a consistent second receiving option outside of Diggs, but in his sixth NFL season — while being paid more than 200 million dollars — a play like this one on Sunday night, just can't happen.

The Bills defense had just gotten their first stand of the night and instead of rewarding them with a game-tying touchdown drive, Allen threw this interception to Bengals cornerback Cam-Taylor Britt on second down from the team's own 12-yard line.

When Allen throws to wide receiver Gabriel Davis, he has three other targets open underneath amidst a three-man pass rush that hasn't gotten any pressure. Allen's read is Bengals cornerback Taylor-Britt who can decide to either trap the out route from Diggs or follow Davis up the sideline. Allen never takes his eyes off Davis and still can't make the proper read while Dorsey had schemed three players open for Allen's choosing.

That's on Allen and nobody else.

Allen is still the most valuable player on this team and Dorsey is far from perfect, but when your considered a superstar quarterback that's making his 85th regular season start — and your team is backed up near the goal line against an opposing offense that's moving the ball at will — you can't be making these mistakes, especially when they're happening far too often, regardless of whether they become interceptions or incompletions.

Putting everything else aside, the Bills success lies on the shoulders of Allen who will need to find some consistency if the team still has Super Bowl aspirations. And as for playing 'complimentary football', the Bills entire organization needs to start practicing what it's preached.