4 biggest questions for the Buffalo Bills entering Week 18

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
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Can Josh Allen have one of his impressive games against the Dolphins?

The Buffalo Bills have won four straight to get them to this point to even be in discussion for the AFC East. Surprisingly, they have been able to do it largely on their defense and the run game while Josh Allen has essentially struggled the past three games.

In the past three games, Allen has averaged only 167 passing yards per game with only two passing touchdowns and two interceptions. He has been able to make an impact on the ground though as he has five rushing touchdowns during that stretch, which has helped.

The good news for Josh Allen is that he has had some of his best games against the Miami Dolphins. For his career, Allen has averaged over 300 total yards per game which includes 50 rushing yards per game. He has 36 total touchdowns and only five interceptions and the Buffalo Bills are 9-2 against the Dolphins when Allen starts.

Joe Brady and the Buffalo Bills coaching staff should have a game plan that will give Josh Allen every opportunity to take this game over. It will be interesting if Allen will be able to do just that.