Buffalo Bills add playmakers for Josh Allen in four-round mock draft

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The Buffalo Bills have to wait until almost the end of the first round before making their first pick of the 2024 NFL Draft. Unlike last year when there was a run on wide receivers right before their pick, they still are able to get a difference maker with the selection of wide receiver Brian Thomas Jr. out of LSU.

The wide receiver position is going to be a point of focus for the Buffalo Bills as Gabe Davis is almost certainly going to be on a different team for the 2024 season. He has been the starter the past two seasons but production has been inconsistent and he should command a big contract in free agency.

One of the aspects missing at this position was deep threat speed that would force defenses to respect the deep ball from Josh Allen. Brian Thomas Jr. can certainly do that with a career average of 14.9 yards per reception and this past season was a breakout year with 68 receptions, 1,177 receiving yards and 17 receiving touchdowns.

He would be a great complement to Stefon Diggs as a number two with the potential to eventually take over for Diggs as the top receiver.