7 initial reactions from the Buffalo Bills 24-22 win in Week 16

Buffalo Bills v Los Angeles Chargers
Buffalo Bills v Los Angeles Chargers / Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages
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Buffalo Bills didn't play their best football but got the win

It was an ugly game for the Buffalo Bills and a number of the stats that typically are good indicators of who will win all went the Chargers way. The Chargers won the time of possession battle and the turnover battle as the Bills had three turnovers and the Chargers had none.

However, the Buffalo Bills found a way to win in a game they absolutely needed for their playoff chances. It is not a game that many will want to remember but the good news is that the Buffalo Bills found a way to win a game that they typically lost earlier in the season.

The Buffalo Bills have seemingly played to the level of their opponent as they play their best games against some of the top teams in the NFL (Dolphins, Chiefs, Cowboys) while their losses have been against some of the worst (Patriots and Jets). In the end, the Buffalo Bills got the win and they now turn their attention to the New England Patriots and try to extend their win streak to four next week.