Buffalo Bills: 53-man roster projections after new QB rule

Matt Barkley, Buffalo Bills
Matt Barkley, Buffalo Bills / Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports
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This week, the NFL made a change to their roster rules that could potentially notably change what the Buffalo Bills have done in the past when they cut the roster down to 53 players.

The new rule passed now allows teams to have a third QB on the game day roster who doesn't count against the active roster total. They would be considered an emergency quarterback that can come into the game if the two quarterbacks ahead of them are injured or ejected.

However, this third quarterback has to be a part of the 53-man roster and can't be a player who was called up from the practice squad. The reason this is notable for the Bills is that they have traditionally only had two quarterbacks active with the third quarterback being on the practice squad.

If the Bills elect to use this rule, it means that another position is going to lose depth and when it is time to cut the roster down, the front office is going to have some tough decisions to make. This is what a 53-man roster could look like if they keep three quarterbacks on the roster.

53-man roster projections for Buffalo Bills after new QB rule

Quarterback (3)

Josh Allen, Kyle Allen, Matt Barkley

There isn't much suspense around what quarterbacks are going to be a part of the Buffalo Bills this season. The team brought in Kyle Allen this offseason to be the backup to Josh Allen and replace Case Keenum, who signed with the Houston Texans.

The new rule raises the question about whether or not Matt Barkley is going to be on the active roster or be released and part of the practice squad. For the sake of this projection, Barkley is on the active roster.